Construction of the Main Clock Tower
This is the king-pin of the whole clock and therefore needs to be sturdy. All other parts are bolted to it. I decided to use software to draw the proposed framework so I could estimate what wood was needed. The drawing is shown on the right with early estimated dimensions. The available images on the internet were not sufficient to measure all the dimensions I wanted. So I contacted Jess at Guinness who offered to take some pictures of their 1/5 scale model. They very kindly sent me 10 high resolution pictures from various angles, from which I was able to take the relative dimensions I needed. One of those pictures I include lower down.
Main Tower 1.jpg
For some reason the original designers decided to angle the main doors porch.  I saw no reason why this should be but, wanting to retain as much as possible of the original, I decided to emulate this even though it rather complicated things. I used steel angle brackets at the corners and 12mm plywood base and top. The timber was 40mm x 40mm
Douglas Fir rough-sawn, but I planed off the rough edges. Four castor wheels with brakes are added at the corners of the base. The nearly finished frame is shown on the left and has been fully treated with wood preservative. Spot the differences. The picture was taken on 6th July 2018.
Front right (far off).JPG
CAD model of proposed frame.
Nearly completed frame.
*Guinness' 1/5 working model.