Lunar Diorama

For the background to the lunar landscape diorama I have chosen the high resolution NASA photo below as the basis of the background. [All the photos of Earthrise from Apollo 11 and the lunar surface are reproduced by courtesy of NASA and NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive.] This I would have printed onto large sheets of self-adhesive vinyl.

original background.jpg

Original Lunar surface image


"Earthrise" from Apollo 11

Using Photoshop, I erased the image of the LEM, the crosshairs, the “Rover” tracks and footprints. I extended the “sky” and added the “earthrise” from the Apollo 11 image. This gave the image below. 

entire diorama small.jpg

Edited image

I wanted to wrap this image around the entire inside of the base of the clock tower so it filled the area behind the two doors. This meant splitting the image into four parts: the back panel, the left panel, the right panel and the base panel on which the model LEM lands. Because the sides and base would be viewed at an acute angle, I decided to stretch the graphics for this and skew them to add perspective etc., much as the road markings painted on road surfaces are stretched in height! I added two Foamex board panels at both rear corners to give a 45° angle as the back joins to the sides. The left side is longer as it needs to wrap around an internal pillar and extended left side as a result of the porch extending further on the left side. This was a rather odd design of the original clock which I decided to keep. The base would eventually need a circular slot cutting in it to allow the astronaut to move around the LEM. The artworks with dimensions are shown below.

Diorama panels.jpg

Panel artworks and 3D view