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At first when looking at your project, I did not quickly get what the Guinness Festival Clock is. Because there's no press report or relevant information in Chinese available on the Internet about it, and no such similar devices I have ever seen or heard before in my life at all.


While looking into the story / introduction and the background information provided on your website, I was so deeply impressed and attracted by both the original Guinness Clock and -- more important -- your exciting project, that I can't help looking into every elements which I do not know by searching on the Internet and Wikipedia etc., for example from what "Guinness beer" is and its history (when looking at the word "Guinness" at the very beginning, I thought of the "Guinness World Records" first); what and where the Battersea Pleasure Gardens is; to who Bob Moog is and why he is so great etc. etc.. etc...


And I would not rush this enjoyable learning process, but really take time to enjoy it by searching and "studying" all the details. Fortunately, you are such a good story teller who designed a brilliant website with very clear navigating structure and comprehensive information to document this spectacular project! Furthermore, not only the website, I think this great project absolutely deserves a film documenting, like the BBC style!


I also very much admire your passion as well as knowledge and capability to implement such a complex project. You are a true maestro! What you do is "living a life", what most of us do here in the office is just "being alive". But personally knowing a decent person with wisdom like you opens a window of a more colourful landscape for me. So, thank you very much for sharing this exciting project with me. I will definitely keep following the progress!


I wish one day I could see your version crazy clock myself in your garden when it's accomplished.


Good luck!! 

Best regards, 


Dear Peter,


Many thanks for getting in touch. This sounds like a fantastic project and I absolutely love the mock-up you’ve created [below]. Top marks for ingenuity! ...


Please do keep us in the loop regarding progress, I would love to see some pictures of your model once it’s complete!


Just let me know if you have any further questions.


Kind regards,


Jessica Handy

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